Deliver my tune proudly announces its association with NGO Manzil.  Music as we know is a part and parcel of an individual’s life. Day after day, all of us grow with music in our hearts. Music helps us connect to the higher power and helps us heal from the worst of the tragedies. The world is filled with people who need help in some or the other way. Imagine a world, if this help is given by means of music? Well, Manzil is out there with the same ideology. When you have music in your heart, you can relate to the people around you easily. Manzil has connected to thousands of people by means of music. May it be conveying a social message or spreading awareness or be it making money through advertising,  manzil has made its mark by using Music as a tool of connecting to the people around us.

Manzil has compsed more than 40 songs for 10 different organisations.

Manzil Mystics is a choir group that was founded by three former Manzil students and teachers. Through their shared passion for traditional Indian music, Indian Folk music, and a desire to celebrate their culture through songs Manzil Mystics was born. Manzil Mystics has been performing for/with different NGOs in Delhi on social issues such as environment, gender-based violence, governmental corruption, honour killing, failure in education system in India, and many more. Through its inspiring and self-composed songs Manzil Mystics has been performing throughout Delhi and different parts of India for last 4 years for corporate, event companies and NGOs. Manzil Mystics believes that music is just not a part of entertainment; it’s an alternative medium of teaching people good things. So the theme of music is ManzilMystics’s uniqueness.

Manzil Mystics started its journey in Manzil. Manzil is a nonprofit organization providing a community and resources for local youth from low- income backgrounds. Here they are able to learn and share, to gain confidence, to be creative, and to see the world in new ways.


Manzil does this is by encouraging the students to discover and express themselves through creative and meaningful academic learning (English, Maths and Computer classes), and art forms like music, theatre, dance and craft.

The aim is to encourage youth to be more aware of the world around them and to find ways of being assets to society. Studying at Manzil is not primarily about passing exams, or gathering qualifications. It’s about understanding and enjoying the process of learning.


Learning through Music: Through music Manzil teaches children how to express their hopes, ideals, anger and frustrations and it designs its activities in a way that students learn life skills such as decision-making, critical thinking, values clarification, leadership, team building etc. Manzil Mystics has been running this project for last 2.5 years. Manzil believes that music is one of the alternative ways to teach people good things. The activities have been designed in such a way that various aspects of music such as singing, composing, writing a song etc. could be easily taught to the attendees along with excellent life skills which will help them to stay strong in the society.


In 2015 Manzil started using the same method to give the value education classes in different government schools in Delhi and NGOs in Delhi NCR. Then in mid-2015 it started using music as a tool to teach spoken English and History (as school subject).


Manzil is currently running this project at Vidya& Child, HarijanBasti near Ambedkar Colony, Noida-37 (an NGO working with children from lower income background in Noida), 2 MCD Schools, Dilshad Garden (a government school in which it has taken over the entire third grade), AADI School, Greenpark (a resource center for people with disability), Vidya& Child, Khoda Village, Noida (an NGO working with children from lower income background in Noida), Om Foundation, Noida (a community school in Noida).


They have worked with RPVV school, Dwarka Sec 10 (a government school), PVR Nest (PVR groups), Vidya& Child, Noida-127, Bhodivriksh (Alwar), Samarpan, KotlaMubarkpur, New Delhi (an NGO for street kids), Katkatha, G.B Road (an NGO working in Delhi’s red light area for sex workers and their children), G.D. Foundation (an NGO working with slum kids of Sanjay Colony, GovindPuri), Tech Mahindra Foundation, DS Group, Nirmaan Foundation, Sarvodya, MCD, NDMC and Pratibha schools, Dreaming Child Production (Delhi), and more than 60+ schools and NGOs across India.


Whatever they earn through stage shows they give 60% of our income to this project. Though all the musicians are professional and music is the only source of income, they do not charge for these workshops. The idea is to cross – subsidize the paid shows with the unpaid workshops so whatever they earn through shows and gatherings they give 60% back to community.


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